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Full issues of the Landingslaget newsletters beginning in 1978 are available to members here.


Biographies and Genealogies, etc.

August 1977:  Short notes for Albert Anderson, Agnes Larson, Elinor Gunderson, Art Sørum, Karen Kesselring, Carl Aasen, Helen Rugg Vinje, and Amanda Berger Lindovig.

March 1978:  Short notes from M. J. Quarum, Mrs. Henry Nysveen, Mrs. John (Tena) Erickson, Mrs. Milton (Nora) Olson, and Borghild Lindevig Olson.

May 1978:  Short notes from 7 lag members of this time (Mina Braaten?, Wendell Aasen, H. A. Lunde, Helen Swenson, Emily Gilbertson, Walter Lunsetter, Lucile Bisegger)

March 1979:  Short notes from Clara Gjefle Schaeffer and Mrs. Ervin W. Johnson.

Spring 1980, page 3 & 9:  1980 membership list plus earlier list

February 1982:  Membership lists for current years

March 1983:  Short biography of Ivar Aasen (Norwegian equivalent of Noah Webster)

May 1984:  Short notes from Ole Foss, Mary Gilbertson, Aldine Madison.

November 1984:  Short biography of Carol Nygaard Olson.

November 1984:  Membership and officer list.

March 1986:  Short family genealogies for 27 of the lag members:  Elsa Banta, Cleo Beck, Ole M. Foss, Emily Gilbertson, Mary Gilbertson, Helen Gaarder Goodson, Gilman Goplen, Orville Goplen, Bruce Hitman, Ella Johnson, Richard and Lois Larson, Amos Lilleberg, Joel Lund, Oscar Lund, Adeline Madison, Elsie Larson Miller, John C. Monson, Kenneth Nygaard, Carol Olson, David Olson, Hilda Olson, Viola Olson, Calvin Pederson, Wanda Rood, Christian Schulstad, Judith Steen, Allard Stevens, Alf Swenson, Doris Olmstead Zimmermann

March 1986:  Membership list for 1985-86

March 1987:  Corrections on Land Roots” sent by Emily Gilbertson and Calvin Pederson

March 1988:  Ancestral Charts of 16 Members of the Nordsinni Blandede Kor

June 1988:  A re-union Takes Place in the Detroit, MI Area” (family of Nikkel Olson Hanvold and Marit Olsdatter Bjørnrudsengen of Fluberg, Land)

June 1988:  Ancestral Charts of Members of the Nordsinni Blandedke Kor

November 1989:  My Story as Told by a Much Traveled New Testament” by Alf A. Swenson  (Short biography of Andreas   Svendsen born 6 March 1839 at Lien in Søndre Land)

November 1990:  S. O. Gjefle’s Autobiographical Sketch  (S. O. Gjefle was born 11 June 1839, son of Ole Amundson and Ingeborg Torg, married Kristine Kopperud)

March 1991:  Old Letters Help Find New” Cousins by Carol Olson (Mikkel and Marit Hanvold and something of this family in Fluberg)

March 1991:  Inge Mathia (Martha) Hansdatter Monsbakken (photo and some information about this mother of Cora Linser)

March 1991:  A Little Norse Genie O’Logy by Calvin Pederson (George Washington had Norwegian ancestry)

December 1991 and March 1992:  Searching for American Cousins by Paul Avre Buskum

March 1992:  Engvold Hanson, Immigrant from Land (son of Hans Olsen and Marthea Kristiansdatter and father of Marjorie Wills)

March 1993:  Maren and Kristian Sviur (Husmannsfolk under Rødnes in Fluberg – Maren was the daughter of Elise and Erik Viken and Kristian was the son of Martin and Berthe Sveen)

March 1993:  Pieces to Genealogical Puzzle Discovered by Thelma Johnson (the Aasen family from Torpa – includes names of Røste, Felde, and Shager)

March 1993:  Hans Nygaard’s Tailor Trunk Improperly Placed in Eau Claire by Carol Olson

March 1993:  Biography of Peder Aadnes, Land’s Own Artist by Carol Olson

June 1993:  Biography of Rikard Nordraak by Carol Olson

November 1993:  Peter Lanning and Ole Bull by Beverly Lanning Webster

March 1994:  Biography of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson by Carol Olson

March 1995:  Landing Pioneers in Oregon by Arvid Sandaker -- John Nelson (Nilsen) Gulseth (from Torpa) and Mari Kristensdatter Rud (from Ostsinni) to Oregon,U.S.A.

March 1995:  A Genealogical Odyssey or An On-Going Life work of Perserverance by Bradley Hanson (Christian Hansen Homseie and Ingeborg Askildsdatter Komperud)

June 1995:  If Walls Could Talk by Ann Edwards (Andrew Wien/Gaarder and Berthe Tandberg, plus Askild Komperud sons)

November 1995:  Komperud” by Randy Poppe (the Komperud cabin in Highland, Wisconsin)

March 1996:  Current Landings with Common Ancestors (Askild Mikkelsen Grandgaard/Komperud, Arne Thomle, Peder Olufsen, Tarald Ske, Michel Tordsen Mustad in Vardal, Peder Madsen Lomsdalen and Ane Bjornsdatter Halmrast, Endre Broner, ? Haraldsdatter Jensvold (including the Viker line), Peder Torgersen Skøyen)

March 1996:  Velkommen Til Norge I Virginia by Arvid Sandaker (Biography of Carl M. Bergh, founder of Norge, Virginia from Fluberg, Søndre Land)

November 1996:  John E. Kleven – Civil War Captain and Nebraska Pioneer by Arvid Sandaker (John E. Klevan and Bertha Hansdatter Brenden, from Land to Nebraska

April 1997:  A Pioneer Emigrant Couple From Land by Arvid Sandaker (Hans Halvorsen Smedsrud and Marthe Olsdatter, married 1842 at Aamodt Church in Land)

April 1997:  Letter From 1852 by Ed Goplin (Hans Koller (Collier) of Gran, Norway and U. S. and wife Gudbjar T. Harstira)

October 1997:  Ole M. Olsen born 28 Oct. 1855 at Larsstuen in Land

March 1998:  Torpe Party of 1844 (names recorded by two members, Andreas Erstad and Hans C. Tollefsrude)

March 1998:  Amerika Letter submitted by John Monson (written by Helen Synstelien, daughter of Johannes Synstelien and Olava Tollefsrud) 

March 1998:  Askild Olsen and Christian Askildsen Genealogy Research by Carol Olson (Christian Askildsen Grandgaard/Skinderud, son of Askild Michelsen Grandgaard/Komperud)

October 1998:  Hans C. Tollefsrud, An Early Victim” of Amerika Feber” submitted by John Monson (Hans C. Tollefsrud wife Beret Christofersdatter and family)

March 1999:  The Adventurous Story of Two Girls From Nordre Land by Arvid Sandaker (Johanne Kolstad (1913-1997) and Hilda Braskerud (1916-1996), skiers from Nordre Land)

March 1999:  Hans Tollefsrude’s 1865 Trip to Norway by John Monson

June 1999:  Interested in the Trip 2000? By Ann Reeve (Hans Andreas Haraldsen (born at Sorlien/Bjørnslien farm) and Karen Marie Kristofersdatter (Endrerud farm)

June 1999:  Hans C. Tollefsrude – the Way West by John Monson (Hans C. Tollefsrude of Vest Torpe in Land, Wisconsin and Iowa)

June 1999:  The Syver and Kristine Gjefle Log House sent by Orlinda Hauck

October 1999:  From the Desk of Orville H. Goplen (his family)

October 1999:  Voices and Emotions of the Past by Arvid Sandaker (Marie Martinsdatter Sagstuen or Mary Smith)

October 1999:  Olava Tollefsrud Synstelien by John Monson – Olava Tollefsrud, sister of Hans, (children of Christofer Hovelsen Tollefsrud and Marit Engebrestsdtr. Kold) married to Johannes Halvorsen Synstelien

March 2000:  Hovel Svendsen Loeng:  the First Landing to Die in the U. S. Civil War (of Nordre Land, son of Svend Hovelsen Loeng and Inger Olsdatter Vasslien) and siblings Mari (married Martin Bottolfsen), Svend (married Karen Johnsdtr.), and Ingeborg (married August Pettersen)

March 2000:  Hovel Tollefsrud—the Eldest Son by John Monson (eldest son of Christofer Hovelsen Tollefsrud and Marit Engebretsdtr. Kold, married to Berte Hansdatter Ruud of Torpe on 13 March 1831)

June 2000:  Christian and Anne (Komperud) Skjager (Skiaker/Schjager/Schiager) by Larry Shoger

October 2000:  Thorstein Skiaker of Søndre Land, Commanding General of NATO Forces in Kosovo by Arvid Sandaker

October 2000:  Darin Erstad and His Ancestors from Torpa and Fåberg by Carol Olson (Darin Erstad, descendant of Hans Christian Christophersen Erstad and Berte Marie Johnsdtr. Jensvold of Land, Norway)

February 2001:  Berte Marie Bergum, A Girl from Land Who Became the Wife of the First U. S. Secretary of Agriculture by Arvid Sandaker (Berte, first child of Johan Olsen Bergum and Nille Johannesdatter Volla, married to Jeremiah Rusk)

May 2001:  A Western Adventure—First Years in America:  1953-1866 by Ole Nelson (Sjaahem) (submitted by Bruce Nelson and concerning the family Ole and Mary Nelson Sjaahem)

May 2001:  Darin Erstad and His Ancestors from Torpa and Fåberg by Carol Olson (Part II of that found in Oct. 2000 issue)


February 2002:  The Land of Milk and Honey by Pat Lindgren (Thore and Marit Skindelien and family, immigrated 1869)

February 2002:  Part II:  A Western Adventure—First Years in America:  1953-1866 by Ole Nelson (Sjaahem) (submitted by Bruce Nelson and concerning the family Ole and Mary Nelson Sjaahem)

May 2002:  Mrs. Inge Mathea Quarum, from Land to Wisconsin to North Dakota.  (submitted by Howard Baumgart and concerning the family of his great grandparents Inge Mathea Andreasdatter and John Torgersen Quarum (Kverum).

May 2003:  Visit to Nerby Farm in S. Land (Howard Baumgart) – family of Torger and Kari Olsen ‘Quarum’.

May 2003:  Two Landings in the American Civil War by Arvid Sandaker – the two are Torkild Rossing and Christian Knudson.

October 2003:  Landings in the American Civil War—Follow-up” by John Monson – Hovel Brenum and Elisha M. Tollefsrude

February & May 2004:  A Trip Back Home from Bruce Nelson – diary written by Helena Nelson (Sjaahem) of Argyle, Wis. (family includes names Skogstad, Smeby and Stadtsvolden)

May 2005:  Pictures from Stadsvold from Bruce Nelson – more of the cousins of Bruce Nelson from this farm in N. Torpa, Land.

May 2005:  Wreck of the Guy Mannering from John Monson – more information and follow-up from John’s March 1999 contribution about Hans Tollefsrude

October 2005:  My Family at the Hov Church by Mary Herness (her father’s side of the Hanson family)

October 2005:  It’s Peaks and Valleys, Feast or Famine by Harold Shannon (meeting with Borgun Dosroningen)

October 2005:  Land ’89, ’00, and 2005 by Ann Edwards (names – Fenno, Gaarder, Tandberg, Mæhlum, Gjefle, etc.)

October 2005:  Wicken/Viken Family Holds Reunion in Missouri by Ken Wicken

February 2006:  Leif A. Wien by Carol Olson and Charles Gorder  and Birger Olsen” by Carol Olson

February 2006:  Arvid Sandaker 70 years

February 2006:  Sagas, Folklore and Ancestors by Larissa Reutgen –  Kjeld Andersen, from Telemark to Torpa.

October 2006:  Family of Lena Lunde and Carl Albert Swenson  by Kimberly Wagner

October 2006:  The Sateren Migration to America by Terry Sateren (Ole Larsen Schaugstad Hommelstadsaeteren/ Ommelstadsateren and Gudbjor Martea Larsdatter Stuve)

February 2007:  The first Generation of the Lars Sateren Family in America by Terry Sateren (Lars and Siri Sateren, including Onstad, Sellevold, Tollefsrud, Rostad)

February 2007 The Bratlie Spinning Wheel by Art Paulson

May 2007:  Peder Aaenes 1739 – 1792 by Kari Nordal (translated by Carol Olson)

May 2007:  The Next Two Generations of Saterens – Americanization.  Lawrence Bayard Sateren and His Family by Terry Sateren

October 2007:  The Lunde Farm and Family of Oppland by Terry Sateren

February 2008“Portage Co. Wisconsin Portion of My Great Grandfather’s Autobiography”  (Louis Foss, b. 1854) by Tom Foss

February 2008:  “The Family of Frantz Christophersen & Agnete Christiansdatter (Baggerud) Øvre Schiager & Their Children” by Larry Shoger

May 2008:  The Story of Johannes Johannesen & Kjerstine Frantsdatter Øvre Skiaker & Their Children by Larry Shoger
May 2008:  “Christian Beck, first secretary of Landings Lag in 1910” by Great Granddaughter Patricia (Pederson) Tvinnereim

September 2008: "The Story of Christopher Frantsen & Karen Olsdatter (Gaarder) Shager & their Children: by Larry Shoger

Feb. 2009:  “Christian Peterson Lunde” by great granddaughter Deborah (Peterson) Studley.

Feb. 2009:  “The Family of Hans Fredrik Frantsen Shager and Anne Amundsdatter & Their Children”  by Larry Shoger.
Feb. 2009:  “A 1699 Family Portrait with Land Connections” by Ann Edwards (Bjørn Frøysok and his son Ole Bjørnsen Hasvold).

May 2009“The Family of Ole Frantsen Shager and Karen Falde and Their Children” by Larry Shoger.

May 2009Another Vaccination Certificate by Nancy Hvinden.

May 2009“Boka om Land XV – at last!”  (tidbits about various Land families as written of in this book) by Ann Edwards

February 2010:  It Was Fish, Fish All the Time, But We Were Happy – Biography written by Hans Andreas Nicolaysen Moe, married to Gunda Agnetta Christiansdatter Bratlie

February 2010 Revisiting Sagas, Folklore and Ancestors by Larissa Reutgen

May 2010Two Artists From Land:  Peder Aadnes 1739-1792 and His 4X Great Grandson Erik Tandberg by Ann Edwards

May 2011In The Good Old Days, written by Clara Gjefle Schaeffer, contributed by Karen Schaeffer

September 2011:  The Byfuglien Family in America, written by Clara Gjefle Schaeffer, contributed by Karen Schaeffer

May 2012Ole Johannesen Sorum and Family, by Larissa Reutgen

May 2012 Norwegians to Canada, and The Last Best West, by Rod Wilson

May 2012 Belle (Isabel) Lund, Nee Ingeborg Syversdtr Gjefle, by Rod Wilson

October 2012Concerning an Old Painting, an Old Letter and an Old, but widely Branched Clan, by Gunnar Bratrud

October 2012The Stuve Family From Nordsinni, by Sharon Lemley

February 2013Landings in the American Civil War, by John C. Monson

May 2013Letters from Elisha in 1864, by John Monson

May 2013Hans Hovelsen Tollesfsrud/Hans Hovelsen/Hans Hovel, by John Monson

October 2013: The Saterens: Continue into the 21st Century, by Terry Sateren

February 2014Who is Frans Pettersøn (Fald/Fall) Ske? By Larry Shoger

February 2014Syver Guttormsen Gaarder (BOL IV) by Arvid Sandaker

May 2014:  Part I:  Norwegian Immigrant Letters, by Sandra Hendrickson

May 2014:  Excerpts from The Landings Scatter, by Helen Greenli Swenson (1972)  Part I

May 2014:  My Connections to Bode, Humboldt Co., Iowa, by Barbara Horn

October 2014:  Part II:  Norwegian Immigrant Letters, by Sandra Hendrickson

February 2015:  The artist Peder Aadnes and his widow, compiled by Ann Edwards

February 2015:  Ingeborg Jonsdatter, Peder Aadnes’ Widow, by Kari Nordal

May 2015:  Wes Westrum, Major League Baseball Player, by Carol Olson

February 2016:  This Is Your Home Too, by Anne Sladky

February 2016: Discovering Our Ancestors Through DNA Testing, Part I, by Garry D. Rossing

May 2016:  Discovering Our Ancestors Through DNA Testing, Part II, by Garry D. Rossing

October 2016:  Pvt. Lawrence Karl Shoger by Larry Shoger

February 2017:  Following the Path of Sjåheim Ancestors; Emigration to America 163 Years Later, by Garry Rossing

October 2017:  Gatzke One Room School by Dick Shager

February  2018:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum by Alastair Brown

May  2018::  Letter Tells Tale of Frontier Heroine Guri Olsdtr. Endreson During U.S.- Dakota War from Star Tribune

May  2018::  ‘Yust for Fun’ – The Eleonora Olson Concert Trio by Garry D. Rossing

May  2018:  Who is Frans Pettersøn (Fald/Fall) Ske? Part II by Larry Shoger

February 2019:  A Morning to Remember by Anne Sladky

February 2019:  Kari Dahl’s Bicycle by Paul Tolenaars

October 2018:  Follow-Up – The Eleonora Olson Concert Trio by Garry D. Rossing

October 2019:  Grandpa’s Opera and My Opera! By Richard Shager

October 2019:  33 Chris O. Goplen Descendants Gather July 7, 2019 by Paul Anderson


General Genealogy Guides & Information

May 1981:  How to Trace Your Ancestors in Norway, 5th Edition

May 1981:  Odal Rights, from the Viking age by Paul B. Du Chaillu

November 1986:  Genealogy Terms, Norwegian and English translation,  by Betty Rockswold (pages 3-5)

March 1987:  The Norwegian Emigration Center

March 1987:  Vesterheim Genealogical Center

April 1990:  Clues For Beginning Genealogical Research and More Tips for Genealogical Research (paper preservation)

June 1990:  Cousins, Cousins, Cousins from the White Bear Lake Genealogy Newsletter

June 1993:  Numbered List of Farms in Land

June 1995:  Explaining the Pedigree Chart by Carol Olson

May 1996:  The Meaning of Double Cousins” by Carol Olson

June 1998:  How to Read Parish Records (Marriage) by Carol Olson

October 1998:  How to Read Parish Records (Baptism, Marriage, Funeral) by Carol Olson

October 1999:  Genealogy Information Online by Carol Olson

March 2000:  The 1801 Census on the Internet by Carol Olson

June 2000:  The 1865 Census by Carol Olson

February 2002:  Finding Counties on the Internet.

May 2002:  Changes in Vestoppland Slektshistorielaget and Digitalarkivet Websites by Carol Olson

October 2006:  Norge I Bilder (Norway in Pictures) by Art Paulson

February 2003 and May 2004:  Helpful genealogy websites.

May 2003:  Church History/Record books we have and those we need.

February 2004:  Probate Records as written by the LDS Church, submitted and expanded by Carol Olson

May 2005:  Traveling Cousins by Carol Olson – relationships among lag members going to Land in 2005.

February 2006:  It Really Is a Small World, by Sandra Hendrickson – relationships among lag members.

May 2006:  Norwegian Censuses, by Carol Olson

February 2007:  Progenealogist Sleuth Website by Carol  Olson

May 2007:  Digitalarkivet – What’s New by Carol Olson

October 2007: Norwegian letters - Ø ø, Å å, Æ æ - in Computer Genealogy Programs by Carol Olson

February 2008Land Immigrants in Minnesota Before May 1858, by Carol Olson

February 2008:  Norwegians in Central Wisconsin by Russ Johnson

February 2008:  Early Funeral Practices in Portage Co., Wisconsin 

May 2008:  "There is more to Genealogy than just Facts"  by Carol Olson

September 2008: "The Norway Project" by Larissa Reutgen

February 2009:  Smallpox Vaccinations and Certificates by Larissa Reutgen

May 2011 Feeder Ships by Sharon Lemley

September 2011:  Your Civil War Ancestor by genealogist Larissa Reutgen

May 2012 The Luther Valley Church Complex, by John Monson

October 2012 Luther Valley Cholera Epidemic by Dick Shager

February 2013 Landingslag Library and Web Site News by Larissa Reutgen

May 2013 Honoring, by Larissa Reutgen

October 2013:The 2015 Stevne Committee at Work, by Sandra Hendrickson




ebruary 2014Book Review, A Research Guide for Norwegian Genealogy, by Larissa Reutgen

February 2014Cholera Article Follow-Up, by Dick Shager

May 2014The Early Days of Syttende Mai, submitted by Paul Anderson

May 2014 Norway House, by Anne Sladky

May 2014 Webinars by Anne Sladky

October 2014:  Excerpts from The Landings Scatter, compiled by Larissa Reutgen

October 2014:  The Model Life of Borger Hanson, by Jeff Sauve

February 2015:  Excerpts from The Landings Scatter, compiled by Larissa Reutgen

February 2015:  Goplen Family Reunion

May 2015:  Gateway to the Prairies, by Eddie Goplin

May 2015:  History of Five Points, Norwegian Settlement, Richland Co., Wis.

August 2015:  Landingslag Stevne, Decorah, Iowa in 1926

May 2016:  Celebrating 100 Years of Bygdelagenes Fellesraad, by Sandra Handrickson

May 2016:  U.S. Military Historical Collection Soldiers of Kandiyohi Co, MN

October 2016:  WWI Service Records,by Barbara Horn

October 2016:  LL Receives Church Records From Old East & West Paint Creek Churches, by Sandra Hendrickson

February 2017:  WWI-Many Registered, Who Served??:

               by Barbara Horn

February 2017:  The Earliest Photographs by Ed Goplin

February 2017:  The America Letter – An Important

               Source of Local History by Alastair Brown

May 2017:  One Room Schools, Background of the Time,

               by Helen Swenson

May 2017:  Huskelhus School in Trempealeau Co,

               Wisconsin by Adeline and Eric Goplin

October 2017:  Does Vestoppland Slektshistorielag

               Tidskrift Contain Your Family History? by

               Sandra Hendrickson

February  2018:  Obituaries and the Social Security Death Index by Larissa Reutgen

February  2018:  Fellesraad and Bygdelag Partner With Norway House by Elaine Hasleton

February 2019:  Using Clothing Styles ?To Date Photographs of Women, by Laurann Gilbertson

February 2019:  Useful Canadian Genealogical Resources by Larissa Reutgen

May  2019:  DNA the Great Puzzle by Larissa Reutgen

May  2019:  Norwegian Government to Support Norway House In Minneapolis

May  2019:  Don’t Overlook the Chattel Mortgages by Mike Christianson

October 2019:  7-Lag Stevne, A Preview by Anne Sladky


Articles about/by Member Landings

December 1985:  Memories or a Norwegian-American Relationship by Arvid Sandaker

March 1986:  Helen Vinje

February 1989:  Dr. Edgar F. Westrum Honored by the University of Michigan

February 1989:  A Landing Turns 100 on 10 February-- Mrs. Alma Johnson

November 1990:  Borghild Olson

July 1990:  Memories of Land visit by:  Lina and Clifford     Anderson, Odessa Jacobson, Mary Gilbertson, Calvin Pederson, Alf Swenson, Edwar Westrum, Carol Olson,   Ray Olson, Borghild Olson, Oscar Lund, Joel Lund, Yvonne Swain, Cora Linser, Ella Johnson, Roland Krogstad, Helen Vinje, Thelma Johnson, Lee Grippen,  Ken Wicken, Shirley Hartmen, David Halling, and John  Monson

May 1991:  Borghild Olson is presented the St. Olaf Medal

December 1991:  Short biographies of Donald Paul”   Anderson and Leroy Zimmerman

March 1992:  Borghy’s (Borghild Olson) Audience with King Harald

November 1994:  Robert Aasen

November 1994:  Golden Reflections from Cal by Cal   Pederson

March 1996:  A Reminiscence of a Royal Visit by Charles Gorder

November 1996:  A Landings Wins Land by John Monson

April 1997:  Knowing Lefses from Rightsies by Wally and Lorraine Gorder

April 1997:  Landing of First Settlers At Wayne County, New York by Carol Olson

April 1997:  That Guy Cal’s on the Phone by Ray Olson    (Cal Pederson)

October 1997:  Westby’s 1997 Syttende Mai Parade   Marshal--Violetta Flugstad (granddaughter of Anna    Gaarder of Nordre Land and Wisconsin)

October 1997:  Descendants of Other Ancestors by Ann R. Edwards

March 1998:  Landings Laget Anniversary Book Presented to Consul General Ulf Christiansen

March 1998:  Elaine Graham 

June 1999:  Orville Goplen

March 1999:  Stella Lundsetter Greenli

October 2000:  Eleanor Gunderson

October 1998:  Marjorie and Willard Wills

October 1998:  Joel Lund

June 1999:  Reminiscences of Ella Grace Holseth Johnson  by Carol Olson

May 2001:  A Norwegian Cabin in our Wisconsin Woods by  Gary Madson

October 2001:  In Search of a Melody by Sandra Hendrickson (Ole Foss and family)

May 2002:  Orville Goplen:  I had a busy life, a very   worthwhile life.” Submitted by Orville Goplen

February 2003:  Orville Goplen:  Reflections on meetings with Nobel Prize winners.

February 2003:  Dorothy Erstad:  The Erstad Family’s ‘Red Letter Month’.”

May 2003:  Geir Steinar Loeng:  Ski Jumping brought me to America – again.

May 2004:  Lisa Butler:  Creating Family Heirlooms.

February 2005:  The Origin of the Goplen Name”

February 2005:  Art Paulson:  A Winter Visit to Norway (including visit to the old Bratlien home).

February 2006:  The First Lutheran Service in Goodhue Co., MN – Landings in Minnesota (Ringdahl, Sateren, Lunde, Smeby, Erstand, etc.)

May 2006:  Christmas Past At the Cal Pederson Home, by Carol Pederson Jorgenson

May 2006:  Norwegian Emigration to America, A Personal Presentation, by Arvid Sandaker 

October 2006:  Arvid Sandaker in Texas by Arvid Sandaker


February 2007: My Memories of the Marshall Plan Years by Arvid Sandaker

February 2007: The Bratlie Spinning Wheel by Art Paulson

May 2007: The Mystery of the Goplen Trunk by Eddie D. Goplin

October 2007: The Melting Pot Revisited (Norwegian Wedding Customs at a Filipino/American Wedding by Sandy Hendrickson
May 2008:  "Ballad of the Pineries"  by Louis O. Foss, translated by Sandra Hendrickson

May 2009:  List of lag officers and early members

October 2010: A Chance of a Lifetime by Rhonda Smerchek

May 2012:  Christmas Eves, by Clara Brenum Monson

February 2013:  My National Costume, by Kari Dahl

February 2013:  Former Washburn People Killed, by Carol Olson

February 2013:  Memories of Norway, by Shirley Nybakken Ball

May 2013:  The Start of the War in Oslo, Norway, by Kari Dahl

May 2013:  Congratulations to USA Landing Ski Jumpers – Trygve, Finn, and Erik Gessner, by Dick Shager

October 2013: Sandra Looks Back, by Sandra Hendrickson 

February 2014:  Dr. Leland B. Sateren Oct. 13, 2013, by Terry Sateren

February 2014:  Fjellhammar Skole by Kari Dahl, as told to her son Paul Tolenaars

February 2014:  Letter From America – 1869, by Shirley Nybakken Ball

May 2014:  2014 U. S. Visit, by Geir Steinar Loeng

October 2014:  Joel Lund Visits Eidsvoll on 17 May 2014

February 2015:  Letter from Lina Goplen, submitted by Paul Anderson

August 2015:  The Gjefle Log Cabin, by Angela Helland

August 2015:  1926 Landingslag Stevne, Decorah, Iowa

October 2015:  American Guests in Norway – by Individuals

May 2016:  Churches in Austin, MN With A Land

               Connection, by Ann Edwards

October 2016:  Interview with Karen Swensson, Lag

               Member & Author, as told to Larissa Reutgen

October 2016:  Kari’s First Bunad, by Kari Nordal

October 2016:  H.A.M. Steen, Landingslag Charter Member

               and First President, by Larissa Reutgen

February 2017:  ‘Looking Back’ – Harold Goplen, by Paul


August 2017:  Alastair’s Visit to America – Special Issue

February  2018:  One Room School Memories and Thoughts by H. Roald Lund

February 2018:  The Grover School in Moland Twn., Clay Co, MN by Anne Sladky

February  2018:  Sisters ‘See the Stories They Heard So Long Ago; by Pam Olson

May  2018:  Sheafor/West Branch School – Akan Twn., Richland Co., WI by Meredith (Mitchell) Morgan

October  2018:  Johnson School Days by Sharon Jacobson Wilson

February 2019:  Congratulations, Mr. Hill For A Well-Deserved Award by Carol Olson

February 2019:  We Love Trolls! by Ann Edwards

February 2019:  Grandparents Table Prayers by Ed Goplin

May  2019:  Sellon School in Mclean County, ND by Carol Olson

May  2019:  More About Trolls by Alastair Brown

October 2019:  Closing of Little Norway by Ed Goplin



May 1980:  Henry Nysveen, Roy C. Bakkum, Orville    Bakkum, Norman Pederson

May 1981:  Oliver Stadsvold

February 1982:  Mina Waslien Nysveen and Ferdinand H. Pederson

March 1983:  Olga Torgerson Forsberg

May 1984:  Ingvold O. Bakke and Carl Aasen

November 1984:  Viola Manley

March 1986:  Mrs. Violet Manley and her sister Mrs. Ray Hovis

November 1986:  Violet Manley, Mrs. Ray Hovis, and Clarence H. Gilbertson

March 1987:  Morgan A. Olson

March 1988:  Mrs. Marie Nissen and Kenneth C. Nygaard

December 1988:  Glenn Nelson, Melinda G. Bakkum and  Jeanne D. Bockemuehl

April 1990:  Horace O. Fossum, Arthur Giulbertson, Luella Gilbertson and Violet Amundson

June 1990:  Lyle Gulbranson and Clara Moen Mortenson

March 1991:  Alma E. Johnson, Pastor John Mauritzen, and King Olav V of Norway

May 1991:  Helen I. Mutch and Marit Østensen

December 1991:  Bruce Arthur Hitman

March 1992:  Odessa Jacobson and Marie Sandaker

June 1992:  Curtis L. Olson

March 1993:  Lorraine R. Lanning

November 1993:  Peter J. Lanning

March 1994:  Johan Jørgen Holst

November 1994:  Emily Gilbertson, Bjorn Bakke and  Gerhard B. Naeseth

March 1995:  Leroy H. Zimmerman and Erma Olson Gorder

June 1995:  Kirk D. Johnson and Clifford H. Anderson

November 1996:  Clifford Olson and Agnes Larson

April 1997:  Calvin Pederson

October 1997:  Lyle Jolson

March 1998:  Russell A. Bakken

June 1999:  Ella Grace Johnson

October 1999:  Lorraine Gorder and Willard Wills

March 2000:  Ole Foss

October 2000:  Franklin Lundsetter and Tor Fredlund


October 2001:  Marjorie Wills and Borghild Olson

February 2002:  Rolf Ødegård and Cora M. Linser

October 2003:  Lina Anderson and Marion Nygaard

May 2004:  Myrtle Benson

May 2005:  Orville Goplin and Viola Olson

October 2006:  Kenneth Wicken 

February 2007:  Hazel O. Pederson

February 2007:  Lilly Knutsen Hanvold

May 2007:  Gudbrand Loeng

October 2007: Violetta F. Flugstad, Finn Hanvold, and Helen M Vinje

September 2008:  Eleanor Gunderson, Curtis D. Olson, Alf A. Swenson

February 2009:  Obert H. Goplin

May 2009:  Jane Stenerson Fenno and Margaret ”Peggy” Timm

October 2009:  Gaylen H. Gilbertson

February 2010:  Hazel Foss

February 2010:  Mae Forsberg Olson

May 2010:  Clara Gjefle Schaeffer

May 2010:  Phyllis (Berget) and Ervin Johnson

September 2011:  Doris J. Dean

May 2012 Elsie (Larson) Miller

February 2013:  Walter E. Steffenson

October 2013: Gilman H Goplen and David L. Olson

October 2014:  Margie E. (Forsberg) Olsen and Edgar Francis Westrum Jr.

May 2015:  Miles K. Benson

February 2016:  Beverly (Lanning) Webster

October 2016:  Milton ‘Leroy’ Madson and Ivan David Goplen

October 2017:  Otto M. Thorstenson

October 2018:  Kari Dahl Tolenaars Blomfeldt

February  2018:  Eleanor A. Thorstenson

May  2019:  Carl Robert Rognholt

May  2019:  Jacqueline D. ‘Jackie’ Henry

October 2019:  Stanley ‘Stan’ Otto Dingle

October 2019:  Allard ‘Al’ Stevens

Historical Articles Concerning Norway and Land

November 1979:  Carl Thommessen Husmann’s Contract  for Carlsborg, 1849

November 1979:  The Meaning of Hadeland by Thomas A. Walby

March 1980:  Totenaasen – The Pearl of Toten

March 1980:  Emigration From Toten to America

March 1980:  Early Agriculture in the Farm Area of Oppland

March 1980:  Living On A Farm

March 1980:  Norwegian Farm Names

May 1980 & February 1982:  26 April 1979 – Fluberg Church, 275 Years by Arne Sjaheim

May 1981:  Transportation to America For the Emigrants

May 1981:  Odal Rights from the Viking Age by Paul B. Du Chaillu

March 1983:  Why Did Your Ancestor Leave Norway to  Come to the USA?

March 1983:  Conditions in Landsbygda before 1850 by Arvid Sandaker in Boka Om Land IV

March 1983:  Velkommen Til Norskedalen by Borghild Olson

May 1984:  Åmot Church in Nord Torpa

November 1984:  Hov Church in South Land

February 1985:  Østsinni or Gaarder Church in Nordre Land

February 1985:  Volstad Church in Nordre Land

February 1985:  Quisling’s Ballad

March 1986:  Enger Church in Søndre Land

May 1987:  Early Settlements in Land, translated by Calvin Pederson and Appendum

December 1987:  Demographic Consequences of the Emigration to America from Torpa 1865 – 1890 by  Arvid Sandaker

March 1988:  Nordre Land, update on the geography and  historical development by Anne Marie Baggarud Vik

March 1988:  What is Landingsdrakta by Anne Marie  Baggarud Vik (about a Land bunad)

March 1988:  Landing-Laget’s First Banner, from Nordmanns Forbundet’s Hefte, 1917

March 1988:  What Is Landingsdrakta? – Land bunad

June 1988:  What is a Bygdelag?

June 1990:  Norway Remembers World War II (from News of Norway), War Began in Norway Fifty Years Ago,    and Norway Marks 50th Anniversary of WWII Attack

November 1990:  To All Landings by Syver Gjefle  (concerning lag jubilee gift) and response by Peter       Waslien

December 1992:  Christmas in Torpa by Clara B. Monson

November 1993:  Nordsinni Church by Alastair Brown (organ)

November 1993:  Nisse by Beverly Lanning Webster

March 1994:  Olympic Games at Lillehammer – Olympics 1994 in Norway

March 1995:  Nova Looks at Vikings in America”

March 1995:  The Lillehammer Olympics – One Year Later

November 1995:  Liberation Day in Norway, 1945 by Finn  Hanvold

March 1996:  Skiing and The Creation of a Norwegian Identity by Odd Mølster, from News of Norway

May 1996:  Skiing and The Creation of a Norwegian Identity Part II by Odd Mølster, from News of Norway

November 1996:  Norwegian Folk Art:  The Migration of a Tradition (international art exhibition)

April 1997:  Historic Voyage Remembered:  Kon-Tiki Sailed 50 Years Ago, from News of Norway

October 1997:  Christmas in Norway by Terje Sørensen

March 1998:  Nordre Land and Søndre Land’s Municipal   Emblems

March 1998:  King Harald to Visit Dokka by Terje Sørensen

June 1998:  Moorhead to Dedicate Stavkirke Replica

June 1998:  Land s Lutheran Church, Zumbrota, MN

October 1998:  Fluberg Church

October 1998:  The Norwegian Languages by Terje Sørensen

March 1999:  Rock Carvings by Terje Sørensen

March 2000:  Dania Hall Is Now Ashes

March 2000:  A Pension Contract From Torpa in 1867submitted by Robert Aasen (pension contract signed by Nils H. Aasen, son of Hans Nilsen and Mari Nilsdatter)

March 2000:  The Power of Silver by Laurann Gilbertson

June 2000:  Old World Wisconsin

Summer 2000:  Landings Lag in Land

June 2000, October 2000, and February 2001:  Life in   Torpa Around 1920 submitted by Larry Goplen   (memories written by Magnhild Nybråten (born Ulsaker) of Vest Torpa)

October 2000:  Ole Bull Statue in Loring Park, Minneapolis

February 2001:  Føderåd or Estate Pension in North America submitted by John Monson – Anna H. Brenum  (born Anne Olsdatter Skinderud), widow of Hovel  Johannesen Brenum, and son John

October 2001:  Nordre Land Prize” Presented to Landingslag by Geir Steinar Loeng

May 2002:  Open-air Museums” by Alastair Brown

October 2003:  Reorganization of Lands Museum by Alastair Brown

October 2003:  New Men’s Bunad (Landingsdrakt) for Land

October 2003:  The History of the Location and the Bells of Haugner Church,” translated by Geir S. Loeng



February 2004:  Knut Hamsun and Land, by Ole Martin  Loeng

October 2004 & October 2005:  Statue for Crown Princess Martha

October 2004:  Primstav: Ancient Norwegian Calendar Stick

February 2005:  Architecture in Land, by Ole Martin Loeng

February 2005:  L’Anse aux Meadows by Ann Edwards

Summer 2005:  Landings Lag in Land

May 2005:  Dokka Delta by Alastair Brown

Summer 2005:  Landings trip to Norway and Land

October 2005:  1905 – The Year When Norway Became A Sovereign State by Arvid Sandaker

February 2006:  Hilsen fra Lands Museum – cultural and economic differences in Norway by Alastair Brown

February 2006:  Ruins of the Early Fluberg Church – Translation of the plaque at this early church on the Randsfjord in Søndre Land.

May 2006:  The Torpings’ Declaration Against Luxury

May 2006:  Articles about the Black Plague by Howard Baumgart, Sandy Hendrickson and John Monson

May 2006:  Norwegian Emigration to America, A Personal Presentation, by Arvid Sandaker

October 2006:  Skolmbakken is considered for a move to Lands Museum by Alastair Brown

February 2007:  More expansion at Lands Museum during their 80th year by Alastair Brown

May 2007:  Work continues on the National Wetlands Centre beside the Dokka Delta by Alastair Brown

February 2008:  History of Lands Museum by Alastair Brown.

February 2008:  Norwegian National Anthem (composer Rikard Nordråk, lyrics Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson) by Arvid Sandaker

May 2008:  "Lands Museum and Odnes" by Alastair Brown.

October 2009:  Dokka – The First Official Village In Norway by Geir Steinar Loeng

February 2010:  Norwegian Farm System by Alastair Brown

February 2010:  A Criminal Case About “Immorality” From The 1840s by Arvid Sandaker

February 2010:  Knut Haugland:  A Real-Life Adventure Story

October 2010:  A New Start in America?  By Alastair Brown

October 2010:  The Sheepskin Blanket    by Vesla Juve

October 2010:  Canadians of Land descent during the Vancouver Olympics    by Geir Steinar Loeng

May: 2011:  The Bridal Crown from Land, by Nataska Bjørnset Reksten

September 2011:  Translating Boka om Land IV by Sandra Hendrickson

May: 2012 Thoughts on the 1925 Book:  History of the Norwegian People in America, by Alastair Brown

October 2012:  Are Norwegians at the Coast of Different

Origin from those living Inland?  by Alastair Brown.

February 2013:  Changes in Land in the Last 25 Years, by Alastair Brown

May 2013:  A 1919 Report of the State Church in Norway, by Alastair Brown

May 2013Stemmerettsjubileet in Norway, by Anne Sladky

May 2014:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum, by Alastair Brown

October 2014:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum, WWII by Alastair Brown

February 2015:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum, by Alastair Brown

May 2015:  Eidsvollsmenn, by Larissa Reutgen

May 2015:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum, LL Visit to Land by Alastair Brown

May 2015:  Norway Tour Update, by Sandra Hendrickson

October 2015:  2015 Landingslag Tour to Norway, by Sandra Hendrickson

May 2016:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum, WWII by Alastair Brown

October 2016:  Tubfrim, Your Cancelled Stamps Do Have

               A Use!  by Ann Edwards

February 2017:  What Do You Know About Your Ancestors

                    Before They Emigrated? By Alastair Brown

May 2017:  Norwegian State Church Becomes The ‘People’s

                    Church’ by Anne Sladky

May 2017:  Alastair & Astri Brown to Tour the Midwest! by

                    Sandra Hendrickson

October 2017:  Changes Coming to the Map of Norway

February  2018:  Einar & Huldra Won ABC LOVE TREE Submitted by Einar Endrerud

February 2018:  JOHANNE KOLSTAD – The Queen of Skis from N. Land by Geir Steinar Loeng

May  2018:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum – Literacy in Early Norway, by Alastair Brown

October  2018:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum – Religion in Norway In the Period of Mass Emigration by Alastair Brown

October  2018:  Notations from Hans Nielsen Hauge’s Visit in Torpa by Leif A. Wien

February 2019:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum – The ‘America Letter’ Film by Alastair Brown

February 2019:  The Power of Silver by Laurann Gilbertson

May  2019:  Hilsen Fra Lands Museum – ‘The America Letters’ by Alastair Brown

October 2019:  Life in Norway in mid & late 1800s by Alastair Brown

October 2019:  2020 Landings Lag Tour to Norway by Sandra Hendrickson

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