750,000 Norwegians left their homeland for America between 1840 and 1915.  Of those, 83,000 came from Oppland County. 6,500 of the Oppland emigrants were from Nordre and Sondre Land. This is a brief overview of immigration from these home kommuner for Landingslag.

Nordre Land includes the parishes of:

  • Torpa (Nord, Aust. Vest) 

  • Nordsinni

  • Østsinni

Sondre Land includes the parishes of:

  • Hov

  • Fluberg

Who were the immigrants?

Those who left Land included members of all social classes

  • farm owners

  • cotters

  • laborers and tradesmen

  • teachers

  • People in trouble who needed a fresh start

  • Married couples with children

  • 25 percent of immigrants before 1886 were children

  • Singles

  • Widows and widowers

Landingslag members can see a list of emigrants from Land here (id and password required).

Why did they immigrate?

Many forces were at work that encouraged Norwegians to leave their country and come to America.  Negative forces at work in Norway included economics and the class system, alcoholism, and crop failure.  America offered the promise of a favorable economic future, and this belief was bolstered by the free land available through the Homestead Act of 1862. "America Letters" were circulated throughout Norwegian communities and generated great enthusiasm about the prospects of a better life in America.

What did the life they left behind look like?


How did they prepare for the journey to America?

What did it cost?

For the earliest emigrants:

In later years:

Individuals and families usually banded together in groups and made the journey to America together.  The vast majority of immigrants were "sponsored" by friends or family already established in America.  

Once they arrived at their destination, new immigrants often stayed with those who had purchased their tickets and worked to pay off that debt before moving west.


How did they get from Land to the ports?

What was the voyage like?

The Argo - 1868

Where did immigrants from Land settle in America?

What were the effects on life back in Norway?


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