1911 Landingslaget Stevne Photo

COMO PARK - St. Paul, Minnesota

Can you help us identify the Lag members in this picture? Each person has been numbered in the photo.  Those who have been identified are listed below. If you can identify others, please email the person's number and their identity to our historian.

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   1.     Anton P. Branae


 11.     Chris H. Beck,                       Secretary,Treas.       Lake Preston, SD

 12.     H.A.M. Steen,                        President                 Northfield, WI

 13.     Torkild A. Rossing,                 Vice President          Eau Claire, WI

 14.     Mrs. Torkild A. Rossing                                          Eau Claire, WI


 19.     Marie Hanson


 23.     Ole Olsen Goplen                                                 Boaz, WI

 24.     Mrs. Ole (Ellen H. Sveen) Goplen                           Boaz, WI

 25.     Mrs. Chris (Marie Nordhagen) Beck                        Lake Preston, SD

 26.     Mrs. Oscar (Gunda Goplen) Peterson                     Boaz, WI

 27.     Oscar Peterson                                                    Boaz, WI

 29      Rev. Christ Pederson.

 36,     Kristian Vinjar                                                       Returned to Norway


 42.     Christopher H. Tollefsrud                                        Zumbrota, MN

 43.     Peter Vaslien                                                       Hillsboro, ND


 47.     Christian Hanson                                                  Hillsboro, ND

 48.     Jacob Sorum                                                        Hillsboro, ND

 49.     Hans Pedersmoen


 77.     Mrs. Matt (Anna) Pederson                                    Benson, MN

 78.     Matt Pederson                                                      Benson, MN


 84.     Christian (Chris) Olsen Goplen *                             Boaz, WI

 87.     Reidar Knudslien      **                                          Bodde, IA                  

112.    Oluf Skogen                                                         Hillsboro, ND

113.    Mrs. Oluf Skogen                                                  Hillsboro, ND

114.    Mrs. Peter Vaslien                                                Hillsboro, ND


122.    Olaus Pederson

123.    Gilbert Olsen Goplen                                             Boaz, WI

124.    Magnus Pederson

125.    Mrs Gilbert (Andrea Skov)) Goplen                         Boaz, Wi

149.    Clarence Beck                                                     Lake Preston, SD




_________________________________          * Lina (Goplen) Andersonís father

_________________________________          **Myrtle Bensonís father  _________________________________        ____________________________        

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