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Call for Immigrant Letters!

Are you or any of your family members in possession of old letters received by your immigrant ancestors from their relatives in Land? 

Lands Museum is hoping to find letters sent to immigrants from Land and is looking to Landingslag for help. 

If your family has any such letters please send scanned copies to Sandra Hendrickson

These letters will be translated for you if desired. 

Project Update

Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned veteran, at researching your genealogy one of the first facts that you must realize is that many of our Norwegian ancestors took the name of their farm that they left behind in Norway as their surname when they arrived in the New World. You may find our List of Farms in Land a useful tool in researching your roots.

Not all of these emigrants took their farm name as their surname, either by their own choice, or often as a result of the ignorance of the Norwegian language or a lack of knowledge about Norwegian naming practices on the part of the immigration officials, thus resulting in the abundance of names such as Olson, Johnson, Swenson, Henrickson, etc. For more information see John Føllesdal's excellent article Norwegian Naming Practices.

We have also included a list of Books and References, some in English, some in Norwegian, and also Records of Land on Microfilm that we own. Members can request information from these resources at any time, and all of these resources are available for individual research in the genealogy room at the 7-Lag Stevne.

To learn more about immigration from Land, visit our Immigration page.


For more information about genealogy on the internet check out our Links page.


Please Note: Help with genealogy is a service to Landingslaget members.


Part of our mission is to collect information about immigrants from North and South Land kommuner  (municipalities) in Oppland fylke (county).  If you have information about your Land family you'd be willing to share, you can fill out and submit a pedigree chart either on-line or through the mail.  If you have trouble with pdf forms, our pedigree chart is also available on a webpage.  You'll find information about many Landinginger who came to America in our Centennial book. There is also information available to members in the Members Only section of our website.


E-Mail: Larissa Reutgen

A Video Tribute to
Arvid Sandaker

Genealogist, author, long-time true friend of Landingslag
passed away January 6, 2011 in Hadeland after a battle with
cancer.  His enthusiasm and generosity of spirit will be
sorely missed, but his many contributions of time and
knowledge will continue to inform and enhance our
understanding of  our ancestors' families, lives, and
Norse homeland for generations to come. 
Another video remembrance

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